Education is the key

Education is a mind expanding gift that can broaden ones horizons and enrich ones Life. Civil right activist Martin Luther King Jr once said, „The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intellingence plus character is the goal of true education. But what happens when students lack a condusive atmospher and learning materials that is supposed to help them achiev this goal?

1. It could truncate their dream of becoming leaders of tomorrow.
2. It could lead to frustration and a drop-out from school.
3. It could lead to the stundents joing crime.
4. It could lead to the students lacking basic information, wisdome and knowledge to fight or do well when the finaly land a job after school.

On this note The Igbo Union Tübingen-Reutlingen e.V. Germany. As a way of giving back we Intend to renovating and equiping the below Primary / Secondary school with learning material that the student so desperately need to help them turn thier dreams into reality, create a condusive learning enviroment and at the same time empowering and getting them ready to lead tomorrow.
With your help of any amount you can help us make this dream come through. At the bottom of our our page you will find our bank details for your donation and please feel free to send us your datail as we plan on getting back to everyone who may have donated for this project to update them on how far the project have gone and specially thank everyone when it is finally completed.